Korea here we come!

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  We packed up our apartment and moved on the 27th of July.  Then flew out to San Fransisco for a friend’s wedding on the 31st.  Spent some time in the KC area with Ethan’s family and then finished out the remaining of our prep time in Wichita with my family.  August 17th we will fly out at 7:15am to Chicago then after a 3 hour layover get on our 14 hour flight to Seoul, S. Korea.  I have been thinking about packing for a year in 2 suitcases for months!  Well, we did it!  We each checked 2 bags and then carried on all that we could.  We have been stocking up on deodorant, toothpaste, and other various toiletries we heard were difficult or expensive to get in Korea for the last couple months.  We have been so blessed to be in contact with two other couples that are already over there and current teachers at our school to help give us some guidelines for packing.  So, tomorrow we say our last goodbyes for the next year!  We have been sent off with two Bon Voyage parties in both Olathe and Wichita.  Thank you friends and family for all your prayers and support!!!!     Not sure when we are coming back…it’s in the Lord’s hands 🙂


One thought on “Korea here we come!

  1. S and E, My email is on the fritz, so I am glad to get this www from Aunt BJ. She is hobbling around with bursitis in her right hip area. To go to therapy next week..I am going for a week or two to be able.

    I cannot imagine how many new and different sights and customs you are encountering! PTL
    Have you recovered from jet lag, yet? Likely NO if it takes one day for every hour of travel time—
    will still be another week.

    Trying to ready me for the trip to England on 15th for 9 days. Need different $$$. Passport and copies, etc. Think our flight is 11 hours. Getting excite. Gathering info.

    Thinking of you as I eat my Mex. red sauce. smile Gave some to KNJ as he likes it, too.
    Miss you. Looking fwd to your next blog spot. xoxo love, granny PTL PTL PTL

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