We made it!

After a 14hour plane ride, to a 2.5 hour bus ride from Seoul, we made it to a little street corner in downtown Seosan.  Today has been quite a trip, Sandra and I both feel like zombies, staying up late the night before to deprive ourselves of sleep, not getting more than 2 hours of sleep on the plane, and jumping ahead 14 hours. Sadly, our plane was totally full so we did not have any spare wiggle room.  We ran out of movies to watch, couldn’t fall asleep, and felt like our booties were totally flattened from sitting so long!  Man, we’re glad we don’t have to make that trip for another year!  On the way in they said it was 75 degrees however in all reality Korea felt like a rainforest exhibit at the zoo… Hot and sticky!  Our Directors say the next few days will get nicer and it will be cool before we know it.
When we arrived in Seoul international, we gathered our 8 bags, and met a guy holding our names on a piece of paper near the exit.  He spoke maybe two words of English to us as he rushed us to buy bus tickets.  We bought tickets, throwing Korean Won at the ticket counter because we didn’t know how much they actually cost, and jumped in our assigned seats.  Swerving in and out of traffic we tried to catch as many Zs as possible but it proved to be a bit of a challenge.  When we made it to our destination the driver shouted out our city’s name and we sprung out of our seats and ended up standing on busy street corner, luggage at our feet, wondering where our next ride was.  Luckily, we brought a phone just in case and it worked, so we called our Director who was only a few minutes from where we were.
They had had a busy day too preparing our home for our arrival.  The fridge had food, we had a made bed, and essential toiletries in the bathroom.  We were stinky from being cooped up in a airport, plane or bus for the last day so we showered in our eclectic Korean bathroom and got dressed to go find some food.  We walked just down the street from our house and found ourselves a little chicked and beer joint.  We picked it cause it had English menu items listed in the window.  However, once we got in there, no one really spoke English.  Ethan ordered some kind of seafood stirfry and I got some saucy chicken.  Ordering consisted of pointing to pictures and turned out to be utter confusion.  It ended up that because I ordered after Ethan they thought we wanted that instead.  We kept waiting and waiting for E’s food to come out and it never did.  Probalby better off that way.  But now we are in our new home (luggaged sprawled out everywhere)  but nonetheless have the AC blasting and are going to sleep in position where we can fully extend.
Anyway, that is a little taste of our travels and arrival in our newest home.   Thank you for your prayers for safe travels!

One thought on “We made it!

  1. Dear Sona and E,
    Trust you are settling in some! Heard you got a nice mattress cover. YEA, good sleep is a must. So interesting to hear about your adventures. 🙂 In the game CRC played last night(they lost 23 to 14)on player had his leg broken and another had dislocated shoulder and broken collar bone. The broke leg was on the other team, the shoulder thing was our other quarterback. WOW. We think CRC should quit now. How’s your health? find some pure aloe vera juice to drink, it is GOOD for you! Love you lots, dad

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