Some shopping

Today, we had the day off from school so we decided to go do a little exploring in the market.  Everyday up until now we have struggled with getting lost.  Thankfully, today we were on no time schedule and were up for just roaming until something looked familiar.  It probably helps that our jet lag is finally wearing off and our moods toward each other are improving.  🙂  In the market there are all kinds of stands and shops…clothing, fish, produce, material, bags…  We still have not seen any other foreigners when we are out and about.  We hear there are around 80 of us in this city.  The market is apparently a good place to barter.  However, when you only speak 2 words in Korean (and struggle) it is hard to get a good price.




6 thoughts on “Some shopping

  1. Dear Sona and E,
    This is cool to see! I love the market like that. it will be even MORE fun when you know more of the language! AND can barter. How are the people-I would guess nice. 🙂 Still be careful, you are out of the norm there. Better to err on the side of caution than to give opening for someone to sin. The sweet potatoes or whatever that is in the pic look fresh and good! I shared with folks at CCC that you are there and they all ask about how it’s goin’. Love you bunches, dad t

  2. WOW!! How exciting, guys! Sounds like a whirlwind but I know you will find your way and bearings soon enough 🙂 Keep the faith and your sense of humor…you will always look back at these times and smile!! We are praying for you and look forward to following you more on this exciting new journey! Big hugs, Luke & Al

  3. Does it feel strange to be the only foreigners so far? A couple of years ago I sat for some time outside an Asian market in OP trying to get the courage to enter because all I saw were Asians inside and it felt really weird to think about being in there. I’d never been a minority before. I finally saw a caucasian so went inside. I know it was all very silly of me, but you know how sheltered I am : 0 ) Do people tend to stare at the tall blonde two of you? Love you! Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures in SK. Lil’ Mama

  4. Transitioning must be tough! Love seeing parts of your world and hearing the struggles as well as the high points. Praying for you to continually rely on God to provide even the simplest of things, but especially for your marriage to reflect his love and grace each day to His children! Much love, C+A

  5. Dearest Ones, Wow! What a whirlwind tour. Remember the Methodist Church and Women’s Ehwa
    or Ewha Womwn’s University, I understand: largest in the world. So exciting. Quite happy for you to learn more and more about your environment and people every day. Thank you, God, that you depend on the Lord and share that faith. Love ya’, Gran

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