A Quick Trip to Seoul

Well, our wonderful boss “Piggy”  sent us off to Seoul on the bus to meet up with her sister.  She joined us late that night and gave us a pretty great tour.  We made it just fine to the bus terminal, then on the correct subway, made a transfer and  got off on the right stop.  That’s a lot of public transportation for us midwesterners!  Once we walked out of the subway it felt like we were in New York city…however there were a lot of Asians walking around.  Google maps doesn’t really speak Korean so we were having a hard time finding the department store we were supposed to meet Piggy’s sister at.  However, I found something on our map that looked like it fit the description we were looking for.  Miraculously, it was the right place.  After taking us out to dinner, Piggy’s sister, nieces, and great-nephew took us to see Seoul tower.

The next day we got up and walked with Piggy and her daughter Leah to Gyeongbokgung  Palace.  It’s crazy cause the city is just outside its gates.  There was the main palace then tons of gardens, ponds, and other quarters.

Later that night, we went out with Piggy’s whole family.  We first walked by the Blue House.  Our president lives in the White House but their’s lives in the Blue House.  Next, we strolled and browsed through this huge shopping district with all kinds of shops and street vendors.  Finally, we made our way to a Korean BBQ place.

There were tons of kids playing in these fountains. Cute!  Behind us at the end of this street, is the palace we toured earlier in the day.  This is Piggy!  🙂

In most typical Korean restaurants, you order a main dish for the whole table and then it comes with numerous side dishes.  Korean BBQ is pork that looks like bacon but it’s thicker.  You cook it on a grill in the middle of the table along with onions, garlic, kimchi and whatever other side dishes you want.  I counted at one time and there were over 70 dishes on the table.   Piggy’s sister was sitting across from me and took care of our grill.   Every time my personal food bowl got empty she would put more food from the grill in it.  Meal times are very social and sharing; reaching across the table is not rude.  Ha ha, after our BBQ, Piggy’s sister still wanted to get her favorite dish so we ordered a whole nother round of food (a sweet rice and stew).  Dessert was some kind of  cold, clear, sugary, fermented rice soup…it was tasty.   I will say, chopstick skills are very important!  After dinner, Piggy wanted to go to a singing room.  It is a place where there are lots of private karaoke rooms.  Koreans seem to love them…they are growing on us too.  🙂  The little guy even sang!  We all took cabs home then we headed back in Piggy’s car to Seosan the next morning.  We’ll definitely be taking a few more trips up there!


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