More Oddities + A House Tour

Hello All,  we have collected a few more pictures to share with you in addition to a tour of our lovely Korean abode.  We had been putting off the tour until we got settled in and made it feel like home.  However, we’ve realized that it may take a while because Korea doesn’t exactly have many decor options that suit our style.  So, our DIY projects begin…we might post updates as they happen.

Disclaimer:  This video is basically our first video ever, so the transitions are a lower grade than that of Hollywood but they add some comic relief.  We rock, paper, scissored  for who had to be the tour guide and Ethan lost. 🙂  Sorry, the tour got a tad long.

Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

Well, one oddity we couldn’t really capture but we have encounter twice now happened at church.  We have visited a couple of churches and both times they have singled us out and asked us to come up to the front and introduce ourselves.  There’s no sneaking in for a trial visit, I guess.  We’ve also been asked to stay after for fellowship (not bad) which leads to asking for our phone number…on the FIRST visit.  🙂

^Typically, restaurants only give you miniature cups for water; usually, they are these little metal ones.  You are responsible for your own refills too!  Also, for anyone who watched our tour video, do you know what that green/grey sack of sand is in the top left corner?  ….the fire extinguisher


^Working out and stretching at the top of a mountain.  Oh how Koreans love their outdoor exercise equipment.  These are in every park and there’s always someone using them, even in the rain.  It’s usually older people, guess it’s a good thing that they are staying active and limber, just kinda funny to see.


^Some kind of foot massage/therapy path. We could only make it half way through before we wimped out and jumped off.  The further we went the more intense it got!

^Great exercise here.  Some people will do this for 5 minutes at a time.  I’m going to have to work up to that.


^ A lot of times you will see trees tied together and to stakes.  It adds an interesting flare to the landscape.  We’ve heard it’s to keep them standing through typhoons.


^Ethan’s student Kylie, she’s 8 years old and comes to our school 30 minutes early every day.  She is super cute but is always all up in whatever we’re doing to prepare for the day.  It seems that most Korean kids (in our school at least) don’t like their picture taken.  So, we just put out a camera and she’s outta there. In this pic, she is on her cell phone with her mom. Once she got out the door, we heard a thud; she tripped over another student, but don’t worry she and her phone were both ok 🙂


^Korea is a small country….  so are the isles in Korean stores.  This supply store had so much stuff they had to set isles inside of isles.  Most  little shops are usually catawampus and there are no prices on anything!

^Ok, these are a little awkward.  We pass probably 5-8 shops with this type of display when browsing in the shopping district.  Young couples like to dress alike, same tennis shoes, same shirts, and I guess same underwear.  Go figure.  We haven’t quite caught on to this trend.  These were the most modest pairs we could find.


^When I walked into this restroom, I had to go back out and make sure I went in the right one!  I guess women can use urinals too?!?


^Yes, 16 apples for 89,000 won or about $79.50.  We passed on that “deal.”

^There are a few different “super centers,” if you will, and they are big.  Since space is limited, the stores have to be broken up in levels, so there are these escalator/walkways that carry you and your cart from level to level.  The wheels lock into the track while you stand back and enjoy the ride.  Also, the wheels swivel so your cart can go side to side, which is a nice feature when it’s empty but when it gets full it can get a little out of control.


One thought on “More Oddities + A House Tour

  1. Loved the tour. Laughed out loud many times. Made us miss you guys a ton! Keep posting & picture taking, great to experience South Korea with you!

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