Summer HIGHLIGHTS (May/June)

Yes yes yes, I know I am way overdue on posting! I do apologize.  At first, it was just my mom bugging me to keep up the blog but I guess now the extended family has started to complain. 😉  However, in my absence I’ve realized that blogging isn’t really for me anyway.  It’s just a way to keep friends and family in the loop, especially since we live on the other side of the world.  So, that being said don’t expect too much.  I suppose my best excuse for 5 months of silence is that I love summer time and spending it outside in the sunshine.  So, blogging has been a conflict of interest.  However, now that the weather is cooling off and I am 5 months behind, I thought I should pick it back up.  I gave the blog a little makeover and I am starting a summer recap series.

Our summer began with Ethan heading back to the US for his sister Melyse’s wedding. It was a whirlwind but he got in some good family time and had a few friend reunions.  
SONY DSCHe met up with my best friend Kristin, her husband Chris and they’re cute daughter Nora for a little disc golf.

SONY DSC SONY DSCRehearsal dinner in the Lagerquist’s backyard.


While Ethan was in the US, I got to spend the weekend at beautiful Seoraksan National Park with our friends from college. It was great to have God’s beauty and friends to take my mind off Ethan being gone.  Sadly, our 2nd day was spent in panchos and our views were nonexistent.  However, Ethan and I made it back there in September (more on that in another post).  
IMG_20130518_145518 IMG_20130518_141410IMG_20130518_162034IMG_20130519_094313 IMG_20130519_090641When Ethan came back, he actually brought back my mom and brother for 2 weeks!  We showed them all around town and Seoul trying to give them a good taste of our life in Korea.

IMG_5145 SONY DSC IMG_5074 IMG_4994SONY DSCFor the last of their trip, we went up to Seoul and got to spend 4 days touring around.  We had an awesome time having them here!  Although, now it seems as if it was a dream.  It was like having two different worlds collide, but it was so good to be able to introduce them to our friends, church, students, and what our day to day life is like.  We can’t wait/hope for whoever our next visitors are!

IMG_20130609_151857 IMG_20130609_122252 IMG_20130609_151717 IMG_20130608_171111

The day after they left, was our 2 year anniversary (6/11/13).  We celebrated by embracing the Korean fad of “coupling” (dressing the same as your significant other), going a Norabong (private singing room) and singing love songs, and setting up our own engagement photo shoot.  

SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCWe spent the remainder of our June trying to soak up as much sun that we could at the beach or on a bike ride and enjoyed our summer nights with a hike or strolling around our city’s “lake park.”



SONY DSCIMG_20130706_175501 IMG_20130706_193225 IMG_20130706_193248

Check back soon for July, our trip to Boracay, Philippines, August, and a better look at Seoraksan National Park!


2 thoughts on “Summer HIGHLIGHTS (May/June)

  1. the pic’s are awesome! beautiful scenery!!! love your hair cut Sandra!!! so cute! You two look ao happy as well! congrats on two yrs!!! laura

  2. Loved your blog. Yes we have missed receiving your blogs. Beautiful country. Good to see you guys in pictures you look great. Aunt Karen

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